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Appraisals: USPAP Personal Property/Residential Contents/Antiques/Collectibles

Resolving Estate Difficulties with Compassion

Located in the nations oldest city of St Augustine, FL. Proudly serve surrounding counties as well! 

We accept residential and commercial liquidations ~ our promise is give you our personal, undivided attention!   

We are qualified to provide professional, IRS approved appraisals on residential contents, antiques, collectibles ... anything but real estate.  

Our services include estate inventory guidance and management!  

Another Memory works with you to evaluate, sell, and completely and quickly clear out the contents of the family home. We assess your items, research, market them, and conduct estate sales beginning with the initial phase of staging the household contents to the selling of your items in a two or three day sale. Initially, we arrange the contents in an attractive manner then we research and price all items in order to sell them at fair market value. When you have items of significant value or uniqueness, we have access to private buyers that pay the highest value. We understand there are some items that realize their highest potential outside an estate sale.

We conduct liquidations using specialized sales equipment resulting in increased sales for you! Our company's staff of trained associates organize and conduct the sale, ensuring a profitable and professional sale. During your sale we monitor the number of buyers on the premises ensuring an orderly and efficient sale. If required, we can work with local law enforcement to ensure proper parking and thereby maintaining wonderful relations with area neighbors.

After the sale we are happy to assist in finding the unsold items new homes! If required, we can facilitate a local charity pick-up on your behalf, secure a tax donation receipt in the estate's name and provide you with a general list of items donated. We don't "dispose" of your items without accountability. We respect every last item...down to the donation.

We also offer estate inventory management services to attorneys, executors, personal reps, realtors, caregiver/family who require a detailed inventory of estate items. This service includes picture inventory, itemized list, and FMV of items.


  • Inventory Management for Estate Settlement

  • Professional Appraisals including Residential Contents, Antiques, Collectibles
  • Estate Sale Services

  • Advertise your sale
    • Emails sent to confidential customer database
    • Create and place online and social media ads (local and regional)
    • Design flyers to fit your sale and distribute to regional business
      • This service is an extra fee
  • Set up the sale in store front fashion to see items efficiently
    • Pull everything from closets, drawers, attics, sheds, cabinets
    • Organize entire rooms with furniture and items
    • Group and tag items
  • Research items
    • Antiques, collectibles, all your residential items for the current FMV
  • Separate family items, coins, money, papers, jewelry for your inspection
  • Survey outside for any possible items to sell
  • Survey site to best accommodate customers
    • One way in – and out
  • Provide signage
  • Bag garbage and set at curb for pickup
  • Pack and/or bag unsold items for donation.*
    • Box, remove and / or donate to charity per client’s request
    • We will provide a general list of items donated along with the tax donation receipt in the client's name
    • * There may be a small fee for this service; we can discuss at consultation
  • Supply staff for set up and sale days
  • Keep areas tidy and clean during sale
    • Sweep, pick up debris after sale
  • Keep an general listing of large items sold (at client's request)
    • All others will be listed as category total sale amount
  • Help client box items they are keeping (before sale)
    • Hourly rate applies
  • Prepare a statement for client
  • Payment to client promptly paid 

Estate Sale Myths 

"You must have a death in the family in order to have a liquidation sale" 

There are many reasons people need estate sale services. Relocating, downsizing, need for immediate estate liquidation due to divorce, probate purposes, business closed, and yes, death. The most common denominator we find with our clients is they are "overwhelmed" with the task of liquidating their loved one's estate. It's emotionally as well as physically draining.   

"All the good stuff is gone by the time a liquidator takes over the estate"

This is absolutely not the case in most situations. What the general public doesn’t know is that in many families, there is simply no person who has a need for anything more in their lives nor in their homes.

Sure they may hold back the occasional family photo, birth certificate or coin collection, but in some cases the families take absolutely nothing from the homes leaving estate liquidators in charge of redistributing 80 plus years of their inheritance, years of hoarding, and collecting. What comes out of these homes would absolutely astound most people on the outside of liquidation.

"Most of what is in an estate sale is just pure junk"

The fact is some of the most expensive and sought after things in auction houses came from the exact same situation and homes that we host these sales in.

As estate liquidators, we have unearthed such things as rare gun collections, gold jewelry and coins, fine jewelry, photo and postcard collections, and valuable paintings. Not everything is a treasure, but most homes hold some if not many special treats to excite any collector. Some homes are just loaded full of great stuff!

"All estate sale liquidators just stuff the house full of their own merchandise or bring things from one house to another so that they can make extra money"

In some cases this does happen. This is not an everyday practice we condone. However there are times when - with both clients' permission - we will incorporate a private sale with an onsite sale to assist the client in realizing more financial gain in a larger market. Full disclosure in these cases is essential. But for the most part, reputable liquidators like people to come and see what the resident or deceased really bought, collected and hoarded for many years, and see if something catches their eye.  

"Estate sales just too expensive for most people to afford"

Some sales may be too high priced. Successful liquidators will try to adjust the prices to present FMV (fair market value). This approach is crucial when the customer comes to buy as it enables them to spend more money and buy more than they would have ever intended thus helping the homeowner to empty the house. Also, many liquidators understand that non-collectible everyday items can be bought at a bargain at any closeout store and should be priced accordingly.

"Only the wealthy have estate sales" 

Many middle and lower class families have collectible items that may have cost them little or nothing to purchase initially such as premiums given away by merchants, sales samples, advertising pieces, and sports cards given with purchase of cigarettes, gum, and such. Most ephemera pieces and early tin pieces were inherited with family hand me downs, so many items of value are in farms, homes with little worth, and with poor people. Estate sales of the rich are hardly the norm for most liquidators.

"You must have antiques to have an estate sale" 

Truth be told, there are very few sales where true antiques/collectibles still exist in high numbers and are still worth their initial value. The fact remains items needed for day to day living can be easily sold and sometimes sell quicker than the antiques! There is no reason to ignore items of worth simply because they are new and everyday items. 

"I need to clean up first before I do an estate sale" 

Please do us and every other liquidator a favor and "leave it" alone. Be sure not to clean, throw, sort, or rid the house of ANYTHING prior to calling a liquidator to empty the house. Too many times your idea of "cleaning" is an estate liquidator's idea of stripping and wrecking the chance of a virgin estate to the public. We are professionals and can likely decide and sort, clean and merchandise this area for you with no burden on the family’s part. What you consider trash may end up being the one of the most valuable item you own!

"What's estate sale or auction"

As a basic rule of thumb, an auction is considered the "bottom of the financial food chain". It's a great place to finish off the estate sale leftovers but not the best place for the main course! A professionally organized, researched, staffed, and marketed sale will always yield the best financial outcome!